Life Insurance Claim Denial Attorney

Life Insurance Claim Denial Attorney

When your company drags its feet, use these tactics to help you claim your insurance claim denial hypertension You shouldn’t have to fight bad faith insurance practices alone, and now you don’t have to. If we pursue your wrongfully delayed or denied insurance claim, we will not charge any up-front fees and no legal fees will become due unless and until the life or property insurance company pays your claim.

If you’re a beneficiary who believes you improperly were denied a life insurance claim, your first step should be to contact the insurer, says Brian Ashe, treasurer at life insurance advocacy nonprofit, Life Happens Each carrier has an appeals process.

In Jenny Crowley’s case, the company cited the good health” provision, which says the person insured must be in good health when a policy is issued, and the incontestability” provision, which says that for a certain period after a policy is issued, usually two years, an insurer can rescind a policy or refuse to pay a claim.

On the initial application that the broker filled out my wife checked yes to the box that contained depression and anxiety however on the supplemental medical form that the nurse from the insurance company filled out she checked no. I am not sure how or why this error was not picked up by my wife or I or even the insurance company.

Consult a Lawyer about your Health, Life, or Disability Insurance Coverage, the Earlier the Better (Even Before you’ve Filed your Claim): Our lawyers are ready to guide you at any point in your claim, from initial application, through the appeal of a denial or termination, to the final resort of litigation.

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