Rating of the best website builder bootstrap

A site builder is a system of a set of tools that allows you to create online sites and administer them without any specialized knowledge. With it, you can choose the type of future site (business card, store, etc.), a ready-made design template, color design and modules that will be displayed on it. You will not need for years to learn programming languages ​​for publishing various pages – website designers will do all the routine and complex work for you.

Often they provide enough opportunities to create sites that in quality can surpass the products of small web studios that execute orders for small and medium-sized businesses. As for the convenience of use, small studios confidently pass to designers, as they always require a fee for making even minor changes in the resource. Using the designer, you can, if desired, independently and promptly make corrections, and completely free!

Rating of website builder bootstrap

  1. Wix – Editor’s choice!
  2. A5 is an excellent choice for a beginner;
  3. uKit – easy to learn;
  4. Cloud – excellent, but difficult;
  5. Nethouse – simple and convenient;
  6. Jimdo is a good option;
  7. Umi – a wide functional for the pros;
  8. Redham – only 30 days free of charge;
  9. Setup – convenient for beginner;
  10. ru – a good option for a business card site;
  11. uCoz is a well-known, but controversial option.

Here are the main advantages of the site builder:

  • They are easy to use. Everything is done step by step and easily. You do not have to bother with complex HTML and FTP codes.
  • Separation of the design and text parts: the layout is stored separately from the text. Want to change the design – no problem, a few clicks and you’re done!
  • Presence of ready template templates, for the creation of which outside the constructor knowledge of the HTML programming language is required.
  • Easy downloading of images. Pictures can be added without leaving the browser and immediately placed on the pages, create galleries or make them part of the layout design.
  • A rich set of design templates for every taste.
  • Online publication of pages. Changes are displayed immediately after they are added.
  • Reliability-all files are stored on the designer’s server. Therefore, you do not have to worry about creating backup copies of data or about the possibility of hacking – all of this is taken care of by the server maintenance staff of the selected site builder.
  • In addition, some designers (for example, Wix, Nethouse) allow you to transfer the finished site to another hosting.

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