Selling Popcorn Makers On Amazon

Selling Popcorn Makers On Amazon


The top performers in our review are the Cuisinart CPM-700 EasyPop , the Gold Award winner; the West Bend Stir Crazy 82505 , the Silver Award winner; and the Presto Stirring Popper 05200 , the Bronze Award winner. Then when the hot kernels hit the bowl the oil and salt will stick to the popcorn and season it. This method does not add a lot commercial popcorn popper of calories to the healthy snack, but allows you to have the salty and crunchy snack that makes popcorn such a popular choice.

This simple stovetop popper may not look like (or cost) much, but there’s a reason it’s remained such a popular standby through the years: Popcorn lovers like J. Kenji López-Alt swear that it’s positively magical.” The pot is made of thin aluminum that allows for quick, evenly popped corn thanks to a patented, stainless steel stirring mechanism with spindly legs that keep every kernel moving until it pops.

It works well, pops corn well, and is fairly easy to keep clean and scoop popcorn out of. One thing we notice is that the 2 lids on the pot can sometimes get open and stay open while popping, and this tends to let a lot of unpopped kernels fly out with the popping corn, making a lot of old maids that either get thrown away or I suppose would re-pop possibly but that is a hassle sorting them out.

Now I can turn the popper off and wait for it to cool before unplugging it. That depends on where you plug it in however since the cord is relatively short and you still have to invert the unit to transfer the popped corn to the bowl so you have to have enough flexibility in the cord to do that.

Popcorn seasonings can be found in a variety of flavors like bar-b-q, dill pickle and even salt and vinegar These seasonings will give the popcorn a potato chip like flavor without all of the calories found in potato chips Carmel and other sweetflavoring will give the popcorn a sweet taste.


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