The Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews

The Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews


You can take these portable electric air compressors with you to the jobsite, workshop, and wherever else they’re needed. Durability is even more important for portable compressors, as they have to endure the rigors of travel, and the high-quality portable air compressors for sale from us are built to withstand even the toughest autoshop , portable air compressor factory, and other industrial conditions.

Despite its very compact design the Porter-Cable PCFP02000 is designed to provide compressed air at 135 psi – surprisingly high for its size that is powered with an electric motor providing just 0.8 hp. The compressor is carefully designed to support durable oil free operation which means that despite its size, you can expect it to deliver a long working life.

Due to adiabatic heating , air compressors require some method of disposing of waste heat Generally this is some form of air- or water-cooling, although some (particularly rotary type) compressors may be cooled by oil (that is then in turn air- or water-cooled) 5 and the atmospheric changes also considered during cooling of compressors.

OutbacTM is synonymous with quality and reliability and the 200 Platinum sets the precedence, equipped with twin premium stainless steel valved cylinders, lifetime Bearing Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Copper Motor, Fused Overload Protection, Dual Foam Air Filtration, Heavy Duty Alligator Clamps and a Lengthy power cable – that’s enough to put other compressors to shame.

Suitable for all inflatables – Air mattresses, Rubber dinghies, balloons, footballs, soccer balls, volley balls and tyres (bicycle, car, 4WD – Can preset pressure for automatic shut off.) Light weight – take camping, hiking, sporting events, cycling Includes charging plugs for 12V in-car & 240V.


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